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Superheroes: The Border crossing from Fiction to Reality

Through Marvel and DC Comics, we have fantasized obtaining cool superpowers to defeat the bad guys. Well, The Infinity War and The Endgame had brought multiple tragic deaths to our superheroes, the latest being the Black widow and the Iron Man. We have even gone through intense emotions while watching these movies and even in real life to some extent(Remember the recent Sony-Disney Spiderman deal).

So, What if we have all these cool superpowers in our control? At the beginning of the comics, most of the readers thought we can achieve these superpowers in our dreams only, yet with the current technological advances across the world, this feat is not far from reality. So let’s find out some of the technological advancements made to bring the comic superheroes to real life.


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If I Were God

Writing Prompt

What is God? Someone who performs miracles. Someone who loves unconditionally. Someone who is a mother to all. Someone who’s with you even when no one else is, as long as you are loving at heart.
This isn’t just a prompt, it’s a real life possibility. Everyone can be God in their life. And then this earth would truly be a heavenly place.

-Vero Ananth

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