If I Were God

Writing Prompt

What is God? Someone who performs miracles. Someone who loves unconditionally. Someone who is a mother to all. Someone who’s with you even when no one else is, as long as you are loving at heart.
This isn’t just a prompt, it’s a real life possibility. Everyone can be God in their life. And then this earth would truly be a heavenly place.

-Vero Ananth

The world is my responsibility. Everything that happens is my doing. Including the bad.
People blame me for their sorrows. And they ask me why it had to happen. They beg me to change their life, to bring a loved one back, to help them somehow. And all they hear is silence. Why do bad things happen to good people? I wish I had an answer. Would I help them? Would I go and change their fate? Would I give a young couple their child back? Would I fulfill a poor man’s dreams? Would I avenge a scorned woman?

I think I wouldn’t.

When life knocked me down, I learnt how to pick myself up. I am stronger and wiser now, and even though I desperately wish my life was easier, the experience has made me a bigger person than I thought I could be.
So as God, I would just come down when you’re done and drop you back to heaven.

– Pushpita Patil

What if I were God?

I wonder

I wonder if all the good things that exist now would qualify as good?

I wonder if all the good people out there would still qualify as good?

I still wonder

A partially atheistic mind I possess,

My image of God, of nothing but positivity,

How has it come to be? I still process,

For I know that hand in hand, positivity and spirituality,

Is no person’s cup of tea

With a mind driven by science, thoughts and emotions,

I still ponder,

What if I were God?

If I were God, I would create more colors

More colors to see, more liveliness to enjoy

If I were God, I would let animals express better

Only then would their wants not be overridden by our own

If I were God, I would create a table in everyone’s head

Listing out their flair and flaw

If I were God, I would make stuff magically appear for those in need

“Accio!”, I would say, and that object would race its way towards me

In spite of all this I wonder,

Maybe stuff are as they intended to be

Maybe everything is extremely chaotic yet relatively perfect

May be perfection is just outside the realm of my perception

Karma as they say, takes turns dealing with you

This karma would make sure things are crossed off my list as well

As God, would I have Karma to deal with? I don’t know

With each attempt of mine to change the world, it may collapse into randomness,

A vortex of unending uncertainties, it would be

If I were God, maybe I would eventually figure out,

That things are as perfect as they can be

– Anonymous

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