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Fuchsia OS: Probably the Next Big Thing

Google is preparing for a paradigm shift with Fuchsia, as it may play an integral part in creating the future ecosystem for smart devices. Fuchsia OS is the third operating system in Google’s portfolio that also includes Chrome OS and Android. As of today, it’s under development and many aspects are kept secret. It is believed that Fuchsia OS might replace the current Android but not in the immediate future.

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Birth of a new logo

Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. With this in mind, it was with a heavy heart we bid adieu to our old logo. However, a new design doesn’t come easy, as our Media team found. Read on to find out how we drew inspiration from logos throughout history – such as Manchester United and Adidas and how our logo came to be (early efforts included). Continue reading “Birth of a new logo”


The Butterfly Effect

Ever wondered what’s the fuss about the new Netflix production – Bandersnatch or commonly known as The Black Mirror, about how minute actions you take without much thinking can have a huge impact on your life and the lives of others or how the things you neglected in the past has changed your present. If yes, then here I am to give you the basics of one of the most fascinating theories of the world – The Butterfly Effect.

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