What’s new in HTTP/3?

HTTP is the application protocol that powers the Web. It began life as the so-called HTTP/0.9 protocol in 1991, and by 1999 had evolved to HTTP/1.1, which was standardised within the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). HTTP/1.1 was good enough for a long time but the ever-changing needs of the Web called for a better-suited protocol, and HTTP/2 emerged in 2015. More recently it was announced that the IETF is intending to deliver a new version – HTTP/3.

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A Bit About Bitcoin

“Bitcoin”-The word is pretty common but very few people understand what actually it is. Do you remember the last time you were worried of losing money because of a failed transaction?(bad luck ☹). Everybody has faced such an issue and we start to curse ourselves as if it was our fault. Actually it was. But why? Because we depend on middlemen, credit cards which are insecure, bank transfers which are slow and expensive. Think of a situation without a third party🤔. The transaction would turn out to be more secure.

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Fuchsia OS: Probably the Next Big Thing

Google is preparing for a paradigm shift with Fuchsia, as it may play an integral part in creating the future ecosystem for smart devices. Fuchsia OS is the third operating system in Google’s portfolio that also includes Chrome OS and Android. As of today, it’s under development and many aspects are kept secret. It is believed that Fuchsia OS might replace the current Android but not in the immediate future.

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