The Lamenting Recital of a Lost Love

The loss, the pain, how can I chronicle?

Crowded is a mind with infinite dubiousness,

Oh! Why did you leave me to face every obstacle?

How will I get solace in this state of helplessness?

The memories gone by can never be forgotten,

Yet to relive those memories is something I want to relish,

But time is merci

less in its eternal Judgement,

And once flown by can never retrace its path.

As I walk along the path of Quandary,

The rain pours with a melancholy tune

And as the twilight sky adorns a Reddish streaked hue.

It evocates the moments, the tears of which are strewn.

Etched in every segment of mind is your laughter,

And your presence revitalising as an elixir,

But now your physical entity deep down,

And your smile, an extinct reality.

The heart aches over your departure,

Cause your smile heard in every echo I live for,

How I wish to join you in your last voyage

Sailing together on the wings of togetherness.

But life goes on and on like the endless Universe,

And I know in the Heavens far above,

The stars are beaming down upon my sole existence.

– Ashwin Shenoy

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