As he walked across the hall, my eyes followed him. His charm, his perfection, his very demeanor had drawn me like a moth to a flame. By a stroke of chance, his onyx eyes met mine and my heart stopped for a moment. I saw a spark of something — interest, surprise, curiosity? A smile played on his lips and he moved to me and with my stunned mind still blank, we danced. A few words stumbled out from me but many lavish words were showered in return, and I fell deeper for him. By the end of the music, I was among the stars with him.

He left the next morning, but left in me a deep longing to see him again. I felt lost without him, and only the memory of him stuck in my mind wasn’t enough. Time didn’t pass fast enough, and much time did.

Then I saw him again, and my heart leapt again. He gave me a smile, but then, nothing more. I moved to him, and we danced again, but it was different — more distant. I knew something was wrong. I tried searching his eyes, but I found none of the spark I saw that night.

The music ended as it had to, and we parted.

As I moved away, I saw him move to another woman. There were rings on both their hands. I saw the spark in both of their eyes. I saw them dance, and I knew.

I would never be anything to him. Because I never was anything to him. I was always nothing to him.

My heart shattered, slowly, silently, and with utter agony.

No. No. No. What about me? How could he? I loved him. I had always loved him, even after all this time. I gave him everything I had, and he left me with nothing. He lied. Everything was a lie. How dare he? How dare he do this to me? He must pay. I will return the favor of this boundless pain he has given me. He deserves nothing less.

The darkness had swallowed the sky. I crept towards his door. The silver knife in my palm glinted in the dim lighting of the dark halls. I pushed the door open. They were asleep. I slowly walked over and stood above him. Our first dance played in my mind. I saw the spark in his dark eyes. My pain overcame me and the chance to get revenge was all I saw. I imagined that spark fading away behind those perfect eyelids. I held the knife beneath that perfect chin, and swiped it across. With the silence of the night unbroken, the red began to spread.
I finally felt that sense of peace sweep over me. With one last gaze at my doing, I turned and slipped away. I knew it would stay in my mind for the rest of my life.

As the wetness touched her cheek, I was a hundred miles away. As she screamed and wept and grieved, I was a thousand miles away. I win. Never again will anyone wrong me and get away. No one can crush my heart anymore. Never again will this happen.
As I raced away into the dark, she lifted her head from her arms, her eyes filled with rage.

– Pushpita Patil

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