Environment, Science

Transformation of Energies

If you were asked how valuable electricity is in your life, what would your answer be? The common answer is yes, it’s really valuable because we are very used to it. This will be the answer of a person living in 2019. But, in 1850, William Gladstone had asked the same question to the scientist Michael Faraday and he answered “One day sir, you may tax it”. This was the vision associated with electricity that in the coming future it will be a very essential commodity for everyone.

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Awareness, Environment

Slow the Flow, Save the H2O

Guess Thanos was right because the day is not far when wars will be fought with sticks and stones over the issue of water. People still think that that Roti, Kapda, and Makaan is all that a human needs for proper well-being, but today when more than 800 million people on the planet are living without access to safe drinking WATER, the former three amenities do not stand a chance. The current situation is that we need to save every drop of water for the generation later.

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