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The project aims to create a pick and place robot for use in shopping malls that will prevent long queues in front of the cashier and help the shopkeepers get more profit. The robot will be cheap and the design will be simple so that no unnecessary cost addition takes place. The control system and logic being used will be simple and consist of sensors. The arm and gripper will also be unique and designed to prevent expensive manufacturing cost.


Auto Shopper is a robot that will help shopkeepers and malls reduce queues and crowd and improve efficiency by accepting the customers list and picking and placing the items in a trolley and also makes the billing. The bot will be completely manufactured and assembled by us. The design will have an arm and gripper that will pick and place items. It will also consist of a control system that will guide the robot and control the arm and gripper.


● Design for Arm and Base : CAD
● Microcontroller for Arm : Arduino
● Microcontroller and main control station : Raspberry Pi 3B+
● App design tool : Android Studio
● Servo motors, sensors, wheel encoders


Localized map for testing:

Designs for gripper uploaded in github link, A star algorithm was used for map localization


Modifications planned for the project:
1. Remote control of the bot using the app
2. Using more extensive algorithms for better navigation and localization
3. Making it industrially functional
4. Adding more features



● Manan Lohani - 3rd Year, Mechanical Engineering (Project Mentor)
● Govind Sunilkumar - 3rd Year, Electronics and Communication Engineering (Project Mentor)
● Yogesh - 2nd Year, Electronics and Communication Engineering
● Rohit B V - 2nd Year, Electronics and Communication Engineering
● Nishanth - 2nd Year, Mechanical Engineering
● Harikrishnan sambath - 2nd Year, Mechanical Engineering
● Nikhilesh Singh - 2nd Year, Mechanical Engineering