National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal
Deadline for SMP 2022 registration is 26th May 6PM. Register here

Summer Mentorship Programme 2022

“Engineering” means “making things happen”.

Wander into the exciting vicinity of state-of-the art technology, industrial and
academic paradigms ranging from Web Development, Robotics and AutoCAD to
Corporate Finance, Eloquence and much more!


Competitive Programming SMP

CP SMP is aimed to teach you all the necessary basic and advanced topics to handle and solve problems comfortably

Contact: Nithin GS: 7337752406

Graphs SMP

Master the Nuts and Bolts of Graph Theory: the Heart of Communication and Transportation Networks, Internet, GPS, and so on. Get a strong grasp on all fundamental Graph Concepts and Algorithms asked extensively in many IT Interviews and CP contests

Contact:Dibyam: 8800194810

Operating Systems SMP

Dive deep into OS concepts and learn to debug and manage file systems.

Contact: R Shreya : 7619644642

Web Development SMP

An guide on getting started with web development

Contact: Aakash: 8660690331

Machine Learning SMP

A sneak peek into one of the most intriguing and developing fields, an opportunity to learn about machine learning right from the basics to the different models that drives technology today.

Contact: Adarsh Jaju: 8971928213


Analog Systems and Design of Power Converters

To learn how analog systems work and to learn the basics of power converters and their applications.

Contact: Samiran - 9769617508

Digital circuits

To understand and to implement concepts of digital electronics

Contact: Shashank - 9632870934

Foundations of ML

Into the world of machine learning

Contact: Sourabh - 8904217014



New to 3-D designs? In this SMP, We will show you how to create a part from start to finish and cover all the important aspects of 3D modelling on Fusion 360

Contact: Saurabh - 9044346358

Aerodynamics of Airplanes

Have you ever looked at a flying aeroplane and wondered, how such a huge plane able fly in the air? Worry not,for we from IE Garage bring to you a SMP on aerodynamics of airplane.

Contact: Karan - 7775911077


Robot Operating System (ROS)


ML- Housing price predictor



Financial Analysis using Excel

Intrigued by Data Analysis and Excel Macros? Fret not as this SMP will transform you into an excel geek and empower you to analyze financial data and predict stock price movements.

Contact: Shlok Bhosale: 9619603665


Ever wondered how monetary policies and geopolitics affect global economy, what is GDP, inflation, interest rates and how are they interrelated ?Join us to dive into the world of macroeconomics

Contact: Gagan Jain: 9480973934

Money in Media

Wanna know how movies on OTT platforms decide their budget? and how do they profit? join this SMP to find out!

Contact: Meetali Srivastava : 9972118232



Explore and express yourselves better as you begin to speak your ideas and pen down your tales more intriguingly.

Contact: Uthiksha Sridhar : 8310623514,

creative critique

learn what make blockbusters and shows soo successful

Contact: Shashank : 9632870934,


Revit 3D Architecture

Wanna learn something more advanced than Autocad? Let's take a ride with Rivet software and explore how a floor plan is converted to a 3D building model.

Contact: Bhumika GS: 76761 84468

PTV Vissum: Traffic Simulation

Is there a way to get rid of traffic and plan a better traffic design.Join PTV VISSUM to learn about Traffic Modelling, Planning and Development of Traffic Networks.

Contact: Swathi: 6302 277 210