National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal
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Summer Mentorship Programme 2023

“Engineering” means “making things happen”.

Wander into the exciting vicinity of state-of-the art technology, industrial and
academic paradigms ranging from Web Development, Robotics and AutoCAD to
Corporate Finance, Eloquence and much more!


Chat App using ReactJS and Firebase

Build a private chat app that enables users to communicate with each other in real-time using text, audio, or video messages, while keeping their conversations private and secure

Contact: Subhojit Karmakar: 8709825232

Code Craft

Code Craft is designed to help you sharpen your data structures and algorithms skills and prepare you for competitive programming.

Contact: Sangram Shintre: 7798757454

Intro to CP

You develop the skills necessary to solve complex programming problems under time pressure, through personalized mentorship, curated curriculum, and practice problems.

Contact: Aditya Harish: 8104944156

Interactive Website using HTML, CSS & JS

Design and develop a responsive website from scratch, gain experience working on a real-world project and be well-prepared to pursue further education or a career in web development.

Contact: Vandana S: 9972175837

Image classification using CNN

You will develop an image classification system using CNN to accurately categorize images into predefined classes, optimizing for high precision and recall rates.

Contact: Darshan R K: 7892606306

Intro to Machine Learning

You develop the skills necessary to succeed in the rapidly growing field of machine learning, with a wide variety of applications, from image and speech recognition to predictive analytics and NLP.

Contact: Prathipati Jayanth: 9866201657


Digital Electronics

Get exposure to the basics of digital electronic circuits and get an idea of their applications. Design, analyze, and implement digital circuits that can process and store information.

Contact: Sneha sri Dulam: 6304973659

Self-Balancing Robot

Delve into the intricacies of robotics, sensor integration, and control systems by designing and building a self-balancing robot

Contact: Sai Aswin Madhavan: 9345294170

Intro to Machine Learning

You develop the knowledge and skills required to develop predictive models and algorithms using statistical, computational, and artificial intelligence techniques which can be used to solve complex problems in various domains

Contact: Shubham Gupta: 9305398652


AutoCAD 101: The foundations

Acquire the skills and knowledge required to create accurate and detailed 2D and 3D technical drawings to effectively communicate design ideas and meet industry standards and requirements.

Contact: Tanushka Garg: 7062094396

Modeling and Controlling a Simple Robotic Arm

Attain a comprehensive understanding of the process involved in modelling, controlling, and visualizing a robotic arm using Fusion 360 and Simulink.

Contact: Pratham Kiran K: 6363620408


Beyond just learning MATLAB, learn the applications of math in engineering using the MATLAB tool.

Contact: Sanskar Gaonkar: 9284551831


Locomotion in Robots

To develop an understanding of how robots move using legs, tracks, and wheels along with their properties and applications.

Contact: Navaneet Yakkali: 9886838143

ROS - Robot Operating System

Equip yourself with practical skills and knowledge in ROS, fostering skill development, promoting innovation, and facilitating career readiness in the field of robotics.

Contact: Anuhya Murki: 8660053996

Arduino and Proteus: Building Interactive Electronics

Develop a comprehensive understanding of Arduino programming and circuit design using Proteus. You can also create your own interactive projects using the Arduino platform.

Contact: G.Nithin Kumar Reddy: 8106328286.


Introduction to Corporate Finance

Find out what goes on behind the scenes of complex financial planning and decisions of major corporations. Learn to manage the financial resources of a company, including investment decisions, financing decisions, and dividend decisions.

Contact: Navaneet Y V N: 9886838143


Delve into the world of entrepreneurship while working on an existing start-up idea. After this SMP, you will be left with enough knowledge to be able to launch your own start-up.

Contact: Aryan Raul: 7709892835

Case Questions And Guesstimates

Learn to use the basic structures that you can use to answer guesstimates and case questions and the appropriate use cases of these structures via multiple mock interviews.

Contact: Abhi Krishna: 80881 47221

Financial Modeling with Excel

Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge required to create and analyze financial models, make informed business decisions, and prepare for careers in finance and accounting using Microsoft Excel.

Contact: Srishti Madhusudhan: 8310455013


Meme Mania

Meme Mania is like a crash course in meme-making, but with a lot more laughs and a lot less actual crashing. It's a chance for students to flex their creative muscles and showcase their wit, all while learning the ins and outs of meme creation.

Contact: Subhojit Karmakar: 8709825232

Pen To Pixels

Understand and embrace the evolution of script writing in the digital age, empower individuals to effectively express emotions through words, and cultivate writing skills through a spontaneous writing contests.

Contact: Aparna Singh: 9113492554


Surface crack on concrete image detection

Use Convolutional Neural Networks(CNN) for image processing with it’s implementation on Surface crack on concrete image detection

Contact: Kiran Shripad Hegde: 8884238851


To look into how the structure would behave under various loads or combinations of loads like gravity, seismic, wind and thermal forces using computer simulation

Contact: Ananya M: 9353689527

Optimization and Development of a Traffic Control System

Understand how DSA techniques can be applied to solve real-world problems in civil engineering through real world traffic problems.

Contact: Aditi Kumar: 8149167442