National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal
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Smart Home Automation


We have implemented smart home automation using IoT and various sensors. We have used Infrared Sensors to detect the number of people entering and leaving the room. We have implemented home automation using blynk app and google assistant to turn on/off leds(which signifies the loads in the house). We have also turned on/off electrical appliances which are connected to the junction box remotely using a website.


Accessing the appliances becomes easier using smart phone rather than turning than turning it on/off via the switch. Initially we implemented turning on/off leds(which signifies the loads in the house) using the blynk app then we implemented it using a website which was made by us.


In the odd sem we read about IoT, NodeMCU and the sensors which we were going to use. We did a bit of coding related to NodeMCU. In the even sem we began implementing the ideas. We made a bid directional counter using IR leds. We made a website and tried to turn on/off the leds using the website and NodeMCU.


We were able to successfully implement the ideas and the codes were working properly.
Following video demonstrates our idea:


● IoT
● NodeMCU
● IR sensor


Mentors :
1. Bhushan
2. Nikhil(
3. Ayush(

Members :
1. Shreyas(
2. Sahil(