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Child Safety


Child safety is a major concern all around the world. We tried to leverage technology to make a simple gadget that tracks the location of the child given the child is wearing it around the wrist. Our objective is to build an IoT based child safety device that would allow parents to monitor the location of their kids and alerts them if the kid goes beyond a particular diameter that is set by the parents. Communication between parent and child is enabled.


To come up with a compact device that tracks the location of the child and alerts the parents using NodeMCU and GPS. This shall be done by interfacing the GPS module with nodeMCU. Creation of local web server using NodeMCU and updating the location details on the server webpage, thus avoiding the usage of applications. Communication between parent and child has to be either visual or any in non-verbal medium, considering the fact the child might not be able to read.


● NodeMCU is an open source IoT platform which contains firmware that runs on ESP8266 and can be programmed using Arduino IDE.
● NodeMCU comes with a built-in Wi-Fi and is affordable. It is important to configure Arduino IDE to program NodeMCU.
● We explored different libraries on Arduino and decided to use tinyGPS++ which allows us to extract location, date and time easily.
● After exploring libraries we started programming using Arduino IDE and successfully interfaced GPS with NodeMCU.
● The module will transmit data in multiple strings at 9600 Baud Rate. GPS module sends the real time tracking position data in NMEA format.
● NodeMCU processes the data and uses HTML protocol to display all the key details on a webpage.
● The child has 4 buttons on the watch with respect to 4 pre-coded messages so that the corresponding message is displayed on the webpage as soon as a button is pressed by the child.


After uploading the code onto NodeMCU, the screen monitor will display information such as Wi-Fi connection. If the Wi-Fi is connected, the local IP address will be displayed. This IP address could be entered on any webpage. After entering the local IP address the location, time and date details will be displayed on the webpage.
In addition to location details, the kid can alert the parents using push buttons.This would display a warning message on the web page hence, warning the parents.


Practically, using the 4 buttons to send 4 pre-recorded messages to parents is not sufficient, since a child cannot convey a message other than those 4 pre-recorded ones. So adding Speech to Text conversion feature along with these messages helps the child to send any other message to the parent.


● Arduino IDE software.
● NodeMCU interfacing with Arduino IDE.
● Functioning and Interfacing GPS module with NodeMCU.
● HTML to display webpage.
● Port forwarding


Using the internet of things (IoT) we can create a number of projects that would shape the modern world beyond our wildest imaginations. This project is just the beginning and this technology could be used in a variety of devices that include safety and tracking.



● Jahnavi Kancharla
● Anirudh

● Srujana