National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal

Summer Mentorship Programme 2021

“Engineering” means “making things happen”.

Projects we have completed demonstrate what we know
future projects decide what we learn.


Competitive Programming

A basic course series relevant to Competitive Programming that aims to give you the motivation and in-depth knowledge of tools to solve the most complex problems in most efficient ways.

Contact: K Prajwal: 6362297424

Information Security

Information Security is all about securing computers and the way they communicate. The objective is not only to teach security but also to provide mentees with a fundamental understanding of basic system technologies like Networking, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, and so on.

Contact:Ragul NS: 8903435833

Operating Systems

An Operating System is an interface between a computer user and computer hardware. All of us might be using Windows/ Linux/MacOs but it is very essential for one to know how these operating systems actually work. i.e How multiple processes run together, How different tasks are scheduled, How are the resources managed, How is the memory accessed etc.

Contact:Riya Shah: 9011940624

Competing in Kaggle using Machine Learning

Machine learning basic concepts and algorithms

Contact: Shipra Anil Mathur: 6350140095

Graph Algorithms

Basic introduction to graph theory along with implementation and application of various algorithms on graphs

Contact:Swapnil Guduru:8431877921

Web Development using Django

This SMP helps the mentees explore the area of web development through the eyes of Django. We start with the basics of HTML,CSS and slowly dive deep into the concepts of MVC frameworks. Since this is a project based SMP, the mentees by the end of the SMP, will be able to create a fully functioning deployed Blog Writing Platform similar to Medium.

Contact: Sakshi Thimmaiah: 9731624937


Foundations of Microprocessors and Embedded Systems

Introduction to various assembly level languages such as MIPS, ARM7 in a more practical manner which would also include introduction to simulation softwares like keil, spim. The SMP would also give an idea about basic verilog and communication protocols used in embedded systems.

Contact: Megha Das - 7892406197

Speech emotion recognition using python

Design and implementation of Speech processing using python.

Contact: Hemadarshini Gopal-9959418352

Emotion recognition of famous movie scenes using image processing

Contact: Hritika Bhavsar-9284880070


To learn how to analyze circuits using LTSPICE and design electrical schematics and PCBs using KiCAD. At the end of the course we will make an Arduino-clone board with the participant’s name on it.

Contact: Vikram Magendar - 9380172268


This is a python project which will enable us to detect the drowsiness of the driver while he/she is driving a vehicle.

Contact: Arshad Shikalgar: 7385957212


Machine Learning for Classifying Mechanical Properties

To impart knowledge by covering basic concepts of Data Science & Machine Learning including several algorithms and tools to use for building models and a hands-on project related to Machine Learning in the field of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science. This course covers the implementation of various algorithms along with examples during sessions. The coverage includes an explanation of the algorithm and implementation using the Scikit-learn library in Python.

Contact: Dhruv Jha – - 8073503626

Design and Analysis of Aircraft Wing

With Fusion 360 surfaces and 3D design and ANSYS structure and fluid in use, This is the three-week course that gives detailed knowledge regarding solid and Surface modeling, including all basic designing like sketching basic shapes, 3D objects to complex surfaces. We aim to provide detailed mentoring and make students motivated to take the CFD analysis and design field. Details regarding various concepts and assignments will be provided for the practice.

Contact: Prasad G Maladkar: +918971736975

Race Car Dynamics

This SMP will be dealing with basics of a race car. It will be focussing majorly on vehicle dynamics and aerodynamics with a small introduction to powertrain. We'll also be using various softwares to demonstrate design of some of the components of a race car.

Contact: Jharana Awasthi- 8454097202

Additive Manufacturing using Fusion 360

Understanding the basics of Additive Manufacturing and modelling the products using Fusion 360

Contact: Akash Anand Bhurke- 93597 24495

Battery Tech

A complete overview of electrochemistry, battery terminologies, mathematical modelling, battery management system, thermal management, lithium-ion battery systems, chemistry, modelling, and management systems & cooling. Further we will also concentrate on solid state batteries, graphene and hydrogen battery systems.

Contact: Karpaga Vidhya Lakshmi J: 7406552295


Robot Modelling with Fusion 360

In this course we aim to give a detailed knowledge regarding solid modelling including all basic designing like sketching basic shapes to basic 3D objects through tutorials and assignments.

Contact:Rajveer Singh: 7424959585

Motion Planning Algorithms Using Python

After developing a strong base for python, students will be taught the concepts necessary for various motion planning algorithms (Dijkstra and A*), namely using Matrix Method and Adjacency Lists. After this, they will be taught how to implement these algorithms on an actual map as a project. We also aim to introduce them to the various nuances present in the field of robotic kinematics

Contact: Rahul Chaturvedi: 7678483899

Pedestrian Counting & Social Distancing using Object detection and tracking

This SMP introduces students to machine learning and object detection in a more practical manner which would also include introduction to Git and Github, Tensorflow and more. The sessions will briefly cover topics in regression, neural networks, deep learning and object detection. The guided project in the advanced track will focus on applying object detection to a real-time scenario using Tensorflow and YOLO.

Contact:Sharvani Somayaji: 6364208375


Corporate Finance Analysis

To obtain a good grasp of knowledge of the financial corporate world and to create awareness about how the world operates in the eyes of Finance.

Contact: Nitesh Bhat: 9606697700

Data Analysis on COVID-19 with Python

use python libraries to analyze and interpret covid 19 data

Contact: Hariharan: 9880836613

Introduction to Capital Markets

This SMP will take students through the basics of stock investment using various details like technical indicators, learning charts and balance sheets.

Contact: Jharana Awasthi: 8454097202


The Subtle Art of Creativity

The purpose of this SMP is to bring out the creative side of the students and make them indulge in a relaxing learning experience,enabling them to collect their thoughts in a more comprehensive and clear manner,at the same time enabling them to pen these thoughts down . From movies to anime and reviews to journals,idea-maps and alternate endings.Join us in giving this SMP the twists and endings you’ve always craved for.

Contact: Sahil Akhtar: 9005203044,

Academic Writing for Dummies

One must-have skill of every academic discipline is to be able to communicate effectively in writing. This SMP gives you an insight into the various aspects that will make your professional and academic writing stand out. This SMP will teach you to structure your test, improvise your style and write credibly.

Contact: Sree Harsha Thota: 9493949798,


Architecture Essentials (AutoCad and Revit)

The objective of this course is to teach users the basic commands and tools necessary for 2D and 3D drawing, design and drafting using AutoCAD and Revit.

Contact: Kushagra Katiyar: +917310870548,

QUANTarc - Mapping The World with QGIS

Learning foundational concepts of Geographic Information System (GIS) and geospatial technology to view, understand and visualize geospatial data. QUANTarc helps you build solutions to the real world problems.

Contact: Shreya Lingareddy: 9951616622,