National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal

Summer Mentorship Programme 2019

“Engineering” means “making things happen”.
Ever wanted to build an Android App but never found the guidance to?
Ever wanted to build a robot but didn’t know where to begin?
Heard of ANSYS but thought it was beyond your scope?
From implementation of Snapchat filters to Wastewater Management, from Financial Modelling to Photoshop and Video editing courses, we have it all.

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Don’t just learn, understand.


Competitive Programming

A basic course series covering topics relevant to competitive programming, with adequate coding contests and assignments for a better grasp on fundamental data structures and algorithms.

Detailed Course Plan: CP SMP course plan

Contact: Shreyansh Shrivastava: 7974484874,

Image Recognition using CNNs

A course on building basic neural networks, especially Convolutional Neural Networks. The course will discuss the structure and building of a CNN, existing architectures and certain applications of CNNs. The course will end with a mini-project on building a CNN model for image classification.

Detailed Course Plan:CNN SMP Course Plan

Contact: Madhumitha Nara: 7981819450,

Operating Systems

A course which will cover the basic concepts of operating systems and provide a comprehensive introduction to OS Design concepts. This course is designed to provide an in-depth critique of the background processes of an operating system.

Detailed Course Plan:OS SMP Course Plan

Contact: Souhard Kataria: 8130901111,

Machine Learning

This course is a complete ML package which includes an introduction to Python for ML, Data preprocessing and visualization, Explanation and Implementation of various algorithms, Cross-validation and Metrics for evaluating a model, and an ML-based project by the end of the SMP.

Detailed Course Plan: ML SMP Course Plan

Contact: K Rahul Reddy - 8310496354 -


A course on the cryptographic factor of computer and networks security. The course covers different types of cryptographic algorithms, its evolution and uses for securing networks. Different crypto-analytic methods will also be discussed.

Detailed Course Plan: Cryptography SMP Course Plan

Contact: Niwedita - 8970016495 -

Android App Development

The course aims at teaching how to create an Android application using Android Studio. It will cover the basics of Android App development, tips on creating a good user interface, and the integration of database into the system.

Detailed Course Plan: Android SMP Course Plan

Contact: Avdhesh: 9479761593,


Image Processing using OpenCV

In those moments of boredom when you’re playing with Snapchat’s filters, have you ever had a moment where you’ve wondered what’s going on, on a technical level — how does Snapchat manage to match your face to the animations?
Well, we have the answer. IE NITK presents Image Processing SMP where we delve backstage into the world of Snapchat filters and learn how image processing is used for face detection and subsequent generation of those wacky filters.

Detailed Course Plan: Image Processing Course Plan

Contact: Neha Saji - 8861088103 -

Home automation using Internet of Things

Internet of Things is an evergrowing hot topic in this modern age of technology. Home automation is just one of the many labour saving topics under this. Home automation features also form a system that increases safety whether it is lighting your way when you get home at night or helping monitor an aged loved one with motion sensors.
Heating and cooling accounts for 48% of an average home's energy use and costs, but by installing home automation, we can monitor the use of our daily appliances and save a lot.
So come take a glance of how this exactly works in depth in this SMP and experience turning your place into a smart home even if it is just by a tiny bit.

Detailed Course Plan: Home Automation Course Plan

Contact: Govind Sunilkumar - 9901074071 -

PID Controller

Have you ever wondered how an air conditioner regulates the temperature in auto mode? Did you ever think of what the upcoming self-driving cars are based on? Want to make an actual beer brewing system? You have come to the right place! Take part in the PID Controller SMP to explore more about how the world runs on feedback and control systems.

Detailed Course Plan: PID Course Plan

Contact: Preethi Reddy - 8197202701 -

Digital Electronics and Verilog

This SMP will cover topics in digital electronics including Combinational circuits, Sequential circuit, Finite State Machines (FSM) and implementation of digital circuits using verilog.

Detailed Course Plan: Verilog Course Plan

Contact: Nishant Kumar - 9035207801


Ever wondered how computers worked or atleast wanted to get close to fiddling with one? Learn about the controlling unit of a micro-computer, fabricated on a small chip capable of performing Arithmetic and Logical operations and communicating with other devices connected to it. You shall also learn how to program these small tech beasts that play a significant part in our daily lives!

Detailed Course Plan: Microprocessor 8085 Course Plan

Contact: Soumya Mondal - 7980181421


Wastewater Treatment and Management

Wastewater is one of those areas that need immediate actions in today’s time. But do you really know why this is such a huge talking point? We have created the perfect opportunity for you to delve further into this field of ever-growing importance.

Detailed Course Plan: Wastewater SMP Course Plan

Contact: Snehal Satlawar, 8408020523,

Introduction to Mechatronics and PLC Programming

In the flourishing field of Mechatronics with countless applications in the present world, you don’t want to be a normie. Join this SMP and explore what really happens in a fully automated system. Speak the language of PLCs, give them senses, teach them what to do and watch the magic happen.

Detailed Course Plan: Mechatronics SMP Course Plan

Contact: Junaid Hussain: 7829023969,

Alloy Phase Equilibria and Shape Memory Alloys

Hard to imagine a world without alloys, isn’t it? Join this SMP if you are passionate and curious about Materials Science and the day to day revolutionary materials coming up. Starting with phase diagrams, we will go onto Shape memory alloys - a new age material that is transforming the world with its magical properties.

Detailed Course Plan: Course Plan

Contact: Priyank Agarwal- 8971114411 -

ANSYS Simulation Software

Ansys is a software which acts as a hands-on skill for an engineer to simulate interactions of all disciplines of physics, structures, vibration, fluid dynamics, heat transfer and electromagnetism. It's one such skill which helps an engineer to show his/her imagination qualitatively and quantitatively on a computer screen as well compare and confirm theoretical analysis.

Detailed Course Plan: ANSYS Course Plan

Contact: Sadhana: 8884636974,

DWsim Flowsheeting

Ever wondered how process calculations are performed in industries? Have you ever wondered how mega chemical plants are modelled? This SMP teaches you DWsim, an open source software that is used for flowsheeting/simulation of large scale industries and chemical plants. The basics of this software is a must know for every chemical/process engineer aspiring to work in an industry.

Detailed Course Plan: DWsim Course Plan

Contact: Pranav Krishna - 9902566885, (

Designing and Assembling 3D linkages using CATIA

CATIA is a commercial software mainly used for CAD, designing and simulation. Major industries like automobile and aerospace use 3D modelling to solve engineering related problems, and if you have a thing for these industries, this course is for you! Come unleash your creative skills this summer and design your future.

Detailed Course Plan: CATIA Course Plan

Contact: Rajat Shukla, 7678978169, ( )

All About Automobiles

Automobile is a ever flourishing vast engineering field.This SMP will equip students with the knowledge of how does a transmission works and how important CVT is along with the analysis of the cars in extreme conditions and involved in sports.

Detailed Course Plan: Course Plan

Contact: Shefin - 9061302168


Gesture Control Robot

Robotics deals with the design, construction, operation, and use of robots, as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing. This project aims to provide a pedestal to those interested in the field. At the end of the programme, mentees will have made a robot whose movement they can control wirelessly using simple hand gestures.

Detailed Course Plan: Gesture Control Robot Course Plan

Contact: Rahasya Barkur - 7016600102


Basic Photoshop and Premiere pro

Photoshop is the biggest name in image editing and so is premiere pro in video editing, but it has a reputation as a complicated and difficult app to use. While it’s certainly feature packed, it’s nowhere near as difficult to get the hang of as it first appears. Let’s look at how to learn Photoshop and Premiere pro this summer.

Detailed Course Plan: Course Plan

Contact: Aditya S G : 8826950512 /


Business Metrics and Financial Modeling

A course about different parameters that define a company’s success and how the use of data based on these parameters can make a company more competitive and profitable. Further, learn about different domains of financial modeling and how this critical business skill can be used to make future decisions.

Detailed Course Plan: Course Plan

Contact: Yash Harlalka, 9930182870 /


Leave It To The Prose

Where we set up an active environment for you to give your views and interpretation on literature, it can even be movies or tv series! Join us in this really enjoyable summer programme and partake in fun dialogue which we as your mentors, assure you, will never have a dull moment :D

Detailed Course Plan: Course Plan

Contact: Madhumitha Nara - 7981819450 /