National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal
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Garage Projects

2018-19 Projects

Failure analysis of solar water heater tank

Identification of various kinds of corrosion in domestic solar water heater tank which lead to the severe damage and leakage of water. Given pictures ,SEM images of failed sections, composition and properties of tank material and water report were analysed to identify the corrosion type. Application of theory was done to understand and finalise the reason for corrosion. Ansys simulation was used to confirm the reasons for certain regions of tank prone to corrosion.

Smart materials

Project involved the study of piezoelectric materials and ways to incorporate them in an aircraft to generate electrical energy from the mechanical vibrations produced involving necessary simulations with the help of Comsol software.

Reverse Wheel Locking

Automatic locking of a vehicle against rearward motion except when the vehicle is in the reverse gear.